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Christoph Grizzard Talks: Zuckerberg Wants Internet For All

Christoph Grizzard

Christoph Grizzard Facebook-founder-Mark-ZuckerbergChristoph Grizzard, CEO and Founder of The Avant Garde comments on the news that  Facebook has partnered with companies such as Nokia and Samsung to create internet.org, an association dedicated to making sure everyone has access to the World Wide Web.

If you don’t have internet access you probably cannot read this article, says Christoph Grizzard, and on top of that you probably cannot spend hours browsing Facebook either. That is the problem that the CEO of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg, has set out to solve.
The billionaire tech entrepreneur and founder of Facebook has formed an alliance called internet.org. “The goal, he says, is basically making the internet accessible to all people on the planet. It is similar to Google’s plan to provide internet access to remote and under-served parts of the world through a network of floating balloons, but different at the same time.”
“What can we learn about the entrepreneurial spirit, from a normal guy who became a millionaire by creating a social network in his dorm room? Think about that!” comments Christoph Grizzard.


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