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Christoph Grizzard | Managers and Top Leaders Dinner in Madrid

Christoph Grizzard

Located at the crossroads of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean; of Europe and Africa; Spain’s history and culture are made up of a rich mix of diverse elements.

Through exploration and conquest, Spain became a world power in the 16th century, and it maintained a vast overseas empire until the early 19th century. Until 2008, the Spanish economy was regarded as one of the most dynamic within the EU. However, the mainstays of the economy were tourism and a booming housing market and construction industry, and so the global economic crisis of 2008-9 hit the country hard.

The bursting of the housing bubble tipped Spain into a severe recession and by the end of 2011 the country had an unemployment rate of nearly 23% – then the highest jobless rate in Europe. By the spring of 2013 this had risen still further, to 27.2%. With the majority of industries in turmoil, one industry that has flourished is direct marketing. Christoph Grizzard notes that the largest member increase is from Spain, and that direct marketing is an industry that brands and job seekers alike are looking at as a solution for growth.

Christoph Grizzard Madrid Meeting


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