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Christoph Grizzard Charts Italy’s Growth for 2014

Christoph Grizzard

Christoph Grizzard | European Awards CeremonyEntrepreneur and motivational public speaker Christoph Grizzard has lived in Italy for the past 2 years. As a business owner that is affected by the country’s economic status, it is important for him to keep on trend with what is happening with the country’s GDP.

According to the OECD, Italy is exiting recession and growth is projected to rise through 2014-15 as fiscal consolidation eases. However, economic slack will remain large. The return to growth is supported by exports, which are projected to gain further momentum in the next two years as foreign demand accelerates. Domestic demand will gain momentum during 2014 as investment turns round.

The bad news is that unemployment is set to remain high as the impact of rising demand is likely to initially increase average working hours of persons already employed. This is why so many people are looking to start their business or becoming self-employed. Successful entrepreneur Christoph Grizzard agrees saying, ‘When you cant rely on others, you know you can always rely on yourself. As someone that used to be self-employed and then moved on to running my own business, it was tough at first, however the benefits have always outweighed the negatives.’

Christoph Grizzard oversees a large portion of the direct marketing activities in Italy and Portugal. After gathering insights from 2013 Mr Grizzard predicts that 2014 is set to be a growth year for the direct marketing industry as a whole. ‘We planted our roots in Italy in 2012 which was a year filled with learning curves and laying down a strong foundation for us to build on. The following year in 2013 we secured larger clients in the Italian market which has set us apart from our competitors. This year is going to be a growth year. We have laid the right foundations and built up a reputable client base, so now there is nothing stopping us.’ said Christoph Grizzard. ‘Building a strong business does take time. As they say: Rome was not built in a day.’

Looking forward, Christoph Grizzard makes some predictions for 2014 regarding the growth of the direct marketing industry in Italy, ‘Firstly that from our group we expect a growth rate of 8% per month across every city. Every client can expect an intake of 1500 new customers each month and lastly we will expand into another 7 new cities before the end of 2014.’


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